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Have You Nixed the Fixed?

Posted by Marty Satterfield on Sep 14, 2020 2:59:13 PM
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The rollercoaster ride of managing a small business has given everyone more twists and turns than they expected this year. While some have had to find ways to address a surge in demand, others have had to find ways to scale back. And through all of this, IT services have never been more critical to every business.

When it comes to choosing IT service providers, finding the perfect solution for the ever-changing dynamics of your business can seem  impossible. Many will continue with a provider they are unhappy with, just because they are not aware of their options and believe all providers operate in a similar fashion. 

So we’ve boiled down these two scenarios to help you with that decision-making process… 

Option 1: Fixed Fee

Signs a binding, long-term contract for the amount of IT services they think they need. 

  • Must pay whether their business changes or not (and inevitably the business will change over time)
  • IT provider is more than happy to increase the contract, but…
  • Difficult, if not impossible, to downsize contract due to needs, economy, or 100 yr pandemics
  • Provider is focused on their cost to deliver rather than the quality of service. 
  • Often around the time of contract renewal, provider “lines up” projects to guarantee renewal. 

Option 2: GCS – Flex Fee

  • Signs ‘elastic’, no-term agreement for the amount of IT services they think they need.
  • ‘At-will’ agreement allows for adjustment if their business needs change. 
  • GCS works to provide “on-demand” IT services that best suits customer’s needs, whether that means increasing or reducing their IT cost.
  • GCS focuses on the quality of their service to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations – with no binding contract, GCS earns customer’s business every day.
  • GCS’s no-contract terms puts customers in the driver’s seat. 

GCS believes that IT is a team sport. Our focus is on meeting the needs of YOUR organization, not on what is solely best for us. 

With a 94% customer retention rate, our customers seem to agree that once you have a Flex Fee model, you don’t ever want to leave.

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