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Don't Let Them Lock You In

Posted by Marty Satterfield on Sep 3, 2020 2:40:59 PM
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Why do most businesses accept it when their IT service providers force them into expensive, long term contracts.

Final Sale. No returns accepted. 

These words can strike fear (or at least hesitation) into most of our hearts. In fact, in order for retailers to get buyers to agree to this stark proposition, they must greatly discount the price to make it more acceptable. The buyer is taking the risk, so the seller sweetens the deal.

Then why do most businesses accept it when their IT service providers effectively put the same caveats into expensive, long term contracts. When the terms of an IT service contract don’t allow for the business to easily reduce services during a downturn or after experiencing poor customer service, they are putting all of the risk on their customer’s shoulders while charging a PREMIUM for this privilege.

In contrast, GCS’ flexible, no-term agreements give our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can adjust their IT services as their business needs change. Rather than doing solely what is best for us, we put the power into our customers’ hands by providing turnkey, on-demand IT services that can be turned up or down as needed. 

If a customer is unhappy with our services, they are free to leave. Need more services for a temporary surge in business?  easily add without future contractual obligation.

Our model allows you to ‘right size’ on a monthly basis; ensuring you get the services you need, when  you need them. Other examples include:

  • If you open a new location or add employees, the monthly pricing will adjust to reflect that growth.
  • In uncertain times, you have the flexibility to constrict and “downsize” your managed services to protect your bottom line.
  • On a monthly basis, ‘right size’ your patching, monitoring and security to best serve your company’s goals and needs.

The GCS model allows customers to continually adjust their IT expenses as their business needs ebb and flow. So whether it is a short-term project or longer-term relationship-- we can easily scale our services to deliver the level of IT that best suits your organization.

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