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New employee setups should be easy, but they aren't.

Posted by Shane Gronniger on Oct 9, 2015 12:50:20 PM
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There is nothing technically complicated about a computer setup for a new employee. However this is a recurring pain point with many businesses. Is it IT's fault? Sometimes but definitely not always.

Here is how the new hire process occurs at many firms:

  1. Interview
  2. Hire
  3. Set Start Date
  4. Complete employee documentation by HR
  5. Tell IT to setup new employee
  6. Employee starts

The challenge is that Step 5 usually occurs either after the employee is in the building or a day or two beforehand. It's rare that an IT department is staffed to have folks sitting around waiting to setup new employees. The lead time just isn't enough.

However IT is rarely blameless. Here are a few things IT can do to stay ahead of this problem:

  1. Standardize hardware. No personal selections or input needed.
  2. Stock standardized hardware and prep for the user before it's needed.
  3. Engage business units to understand hiring plans for the quarter and expected turnover.
  4. Proactively work with HR to determine offers outstanding or expected soon.

The solution to this problem is not strictly an IT problem but requires cooperation of two departments, HR and IT, that frequently don't get along. 

GCS can help by stocking standardized systems and assisting with deployment and user setup. 


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