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Doctors Reverting Back to Pen and Paper Due to Ransomware

Posted by Daryl Gleinser on Feb 17, 2016 3:02:51 PM
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Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA is suffering an all too common infection of ransomware and is being held hostage for $3.4MM. Without access to email, files, test results, or EMR the daily practice of medicine is severely impaired. 

Incidents of this type are skyrocketing, especially in the last six months. Most modern anti-virus systems will not prevent this infection. GCS clients are able to restore their systems using robust backup systems. Unfortunately not everyone has a capable backup system or one that is managed well enough to weather this storm.

GCS recommends a layered approach to security to minimize the likelihood of these attacks. Anti-virus and redundant backups are essential. Many of our clients have embraced Cisco's OpenDNS to add an additional defense that has successfully stopped many ransomware attacks. There is no guaranteed solution. 

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