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5 Easy Steps To Get IT Problems Fixed the Fastest

Posted by Daryl Gleinser on Oct 9, 2015 3:54:10 PM
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There is a fine line between resolving computer problems yourself and creating bigger problems from smaller ones. Here are five easy steps that might not resolve the problem, but will get you working faster than if you hadn't tried anything at all. Best of all you can't break anything worse by following these steps.

  1. Restart Your PC. It's painful to restart, but it really does help many common problems.
  2. Are other people having the same problem? Ask around. A network or internet issue will be caught faster if tech support knows it's affecting more than a single user from the beginning.
  3. What changed? Sometimes problems just happen but far more often they happen for a reason. What changed between the last time it worked and this time when it didn't?
  4. What was the error? Writing down the full error message, verbatim, can save a tremendous amount of time in solving the problem. 
  5. What are you trying to accomplish? Often tech support can suggest another way to get the job done in spite of technical problems. Tell them what the goal is and see if they can suggest a workaround for you. You can get back to work while they fix the problem.

Next time you call tech support take a minute and prepare with these steps first. You might like the result so much you do it every time.

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